New Commentary on Confronting Suburban Poverty

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  • June 11, 2013

The Houston Chronicle: In fight against poverty, people make a difference

Neighborhood Centers’ Angela Blanchard, a panelist at the May 20 launch event, writes an editorial on suburban poverty in the Houston Chronicle.

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The Seattle Times: Regional collaboration needed to fight poverty spreading to the nation’s suburbs

Poverty is spreading beyond city boundaries, infecting suburbs in metro regions across the United States, writes Neal Peirce. By 2010, the number of suburbanites living in poverty exceeded the total in cities by 2.6 million.

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The Boston Globe: Poverty finds the suburbs

Elizabeth Kneebone speaks to the Boston Globe’s Ideas section about the challenges that suburban poverty creates and suggests a plan for how to rejigger the creaky mechanisms of federal poverty policy to do something about it.

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The Financial Times: The future of the American city

Once, Americans fled inner cities for a suburban paradise. Now an urban revival is making the suburbs the home of the poor.

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Upworthy: 1 Minute And 45 Seconds That’ll Make You Think Twice About Poverty

The mission-driven social media site, Upworthy, is helping the Confronting Suburban Poverty in America video go viral.

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