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  • November 14, 2013

New housing program in Balto. Co. aims to shorten shelter stays

The charitable organization, St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore, expands ‘rapid rehousing’ model to the suburbs.

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Face Of Poverty In New Orleans Increasingly Suburban (radio)

Elizabeth Kneebone is working in partnership with the Greater New Orleans Community Data Center to begin the regional conversation about suburban poverty, a growing issue in the metro New Orleans area. She begins her conversation with WWNO’s Diane Mack with some eye-opening statistics.


Suburban Poverty (video)

In the Chicago region, the number of suburban poor increased 99% over the past decade. The south suburbs have been hit particularly hard by difficult economy. Job losses and high foreclosure rates have meant mounting problems in many municipalities. Brandis Friedman has the story of how some are confronting these challenges.


Nation’s poor at 49.7 million, higher than official rate

The number of poor people in America is 3 million higher than the official count, encompassing 1 in 6 residents due to out-of-pocket medical costs and work-related expenses, according to the Census’ alternative poverty measure.

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Can Tough Love Help Reduce Poverty?

By making it more difficult to get and keep government assistance like welfare, Kansas and a half-dozen other states are hoping people will make more of an effort to lift themselves out of poverty.

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New York Times: Division Street, U.S.A.

Robert Sampson of Harvard argues that “an increasing separation at the top has intensified the effect of spatial divisions on everyone else.”

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New York Times: Poverty in America is Mainstream

According to Mark Rank of Washington University, “few topics in American society have more myths and stereotypes surrounding them than poverty, misconceptions that distort both our politics and our domestic policy making.”

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Tampa Tribune: Pinellas targeting poverty through health care, other programs

Pinellas County, FL has set a goal to reduce poverty in five selected communities over the next 10 years. Proposed plans include designating community redevelopment areas in each community to help the county compete for federal grants and to enable a portion of property taxes to be spent on infrastructure improvements, better housing and job training.

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