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  • July 24, 2014

Al Jazeera America, Suburban Poverty on Meteoric Rise in the US

Elizabeth discusses drivers of suburban poverty in this Real Money with Ali Velshi segment about the growth of poverty in Atlanta suburbs.

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Prairie Village Post, County Commission Candidates on the Issues: How Do We Confront Growing Poverty in Johnson County?

Following Elizabeth’s trip last month to Johnson County, Kansas, candidates for the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners discuss the challenges of and potential solutions to suburban poverty in the region.

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Houston Chronicle, Hunger Hidden but Growing in Booming Montgomery County

Economic growth in Montgomery County, TX, north of Houston, has driven an increase in the region’s low-income service jobs—as well as new demand for social services.

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Governing, Are Suburbs All They’re Cracked Up to Be?

Perceived advantages of regional consolidation, traditionally imagined as the annexation of wealthy suburbs by poorer cities, have been complicated by the rapid growth of poverty in suburbs.

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Changes in Areas with Concentrated Poverty: 2000 to 2010

According to a new Census Bureau report, the population living in “poverty areas,” census tracts with poverty rates at or above 20 percent, grew by 56 percent over the first decade of the 2000s.

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Al Jazeera America, More Americans Live in ‘Poverty Areas’ Due to Zoning, Suburban Sprawl

The share of poor Americans living in high-poverty neighborhoods has grown since 2000, according to a new Census Bureau report. Paul Jargowsky, who contributed to the report, discusses the influence of exclusionary zoning and sprawl on this trend.

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CityLabCost of Living is Really All About Housing

According to analysis of Bureau of Economic Analysis data by Arizona State University researcher José Lobo, housing costs drive much of the nation’s regional variation in cost of living.

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