Suburbia is now home to the largest and fastest growing poor population in the country and more than half of the metropolitan poor. Yet the place-based antipoverty infrastructure built over the past several decades does not fit this rapidly changing geography.

Confronting Suburban Poverty in America paints a new picture of poverty in the United States, presents examples of innovative models and solutions emerging in regions across the country, and offers recommendations for modernizing poverty alleviation and community development strategies in a way that reflects the scale of today’s need.

We hope this book and the information and action tools on this website can help policy makers, practitioners, and funders not only better understand the drivers and implications of growing suburban poverty, but also advance policy changes that better connect both urban and suburban residents with economic opportunity region-wide.

The Authors

Elizabeth Kneebone

Elizabeth Kneebone

Fellow, Metropolitan Policy Program

Elizabeth Kneebone is a fellow at the Metropolitan Policy Program at Brookings and co-author of Confronting Suburban Poverty in America (Brookings Press, 2013). Her work primarily focuses on urban and suburban poverty, metropolitan demographics, and tax policies that support low-income workers and communities.

Alan Berube

Alan Berube

Senior Fellow and Deputy Director, Metropolitan Policy Program

Alan Berube is senior fellow and deputy director at the Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program, and co-author of Confronting Suburban Poverty in America (Brookings Press, 2013). He has authored numerous Brookings publications on topics including metropolitan demographic and economic trends, social policies affecting low-income families and communities, and cities in the global economy.

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