Take action and be a part of the solution. Whether you’re a new or seasoned advocate, a government leader, a funder, or a practitioner, we all can play a role in confronting suburban poverty. Use the action toolkit to guide your interactions and conversations with media, community leaders, and policymakers about your neighborhood and the solutions that are helping to fight suburban poverty.

Data & Profiles of Suburban Poverty

100-metro-infoTracking Suburban Poverty: Explore infographic snapshots of the top 100 metropolitan areas in the U.S., including local poverty trends since 1970 and the implications for schools, transportation infrastructure, and more.

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Executive Summary

Brookings-WebSite_BookConfronting Suburban Poverty in America: Why is poverty growing in suburbia? What are the consequences for those places and their residents? And what, if anything, should society do about it?

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Tukwila transit center

Policy Recommendations

Policy Brief: The authors offer a road map for policymakers to take action on suburban poverty.

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What You Can Do

Tips and Tools: Take action to address suburban poverty—whatever your background.



What’s Driving the Rapid Rise of Poverty in the Suburbs? Explore the drivers of suburban poverty.

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